Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: Chamber event brings professional touch to Zebulon

Zebulon has a long, proud history as a blue-collar town filled with hard-working men and women who have earned their way in life through the sweat of their brow.

But Zebulon is also writing a new history as a progressive place to do business, where high-tech meets at a crossroads with manufacturing.

Those new opportunities on the horizon are part of why it made a lot of sense for the Chamber of Commerce to host ZebulonNext, an economic forecasting event that tries to peek into the future just a little way to see what opportunities lie ahead.

The smart business people are the ones who get in on the ground floor of a good thing.

Zebulon’s elevator is currently on the ground floor, which makes this a good time to invest here, where land and other resources are less expensive than they are in other places.

Whether that investment comes from people who already live here, or who find Zebulon with the help of some economic developer, doesn’t really matter in our eyes.

What does matter is that, as other parts of Wake County and the Triangle mature and get closer to full development, other places – like Zebulon, Wendell and Knightdale – will have their turn at the growth trough.

Zebulon has started investing in itself with the town’s most recent budget. There is a greater focus on downtown than there has been and the chamber and town leaders are singing from the same sheet of music.

Bringing all those resources together makes Zebulon a much more attractive place and a place where business owners would be happy to set up shop.

Last week’s conference featured a number of heavyweights from the local economic scene. It gave the town’s existing business people a chance to come together in a much more potentially productive way than they could with the traditional Business Expo. And, for people new to Zebulon who may have attended, they got a firsthand look at the serious business interests that already call Zebulon home.