Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: Taking care to deliver the right message

Neighbors of Wendell Elementary School recently expressed concern over a Wake County school system plan to rebuild Wendell Elementary School. They were concerned because all the plan options required them to give up their property to make way for the new school.

Wake school board Chairman Tom Benton said that was only a proposal and that a meeting last month was intended to gauge the level of support for school renovations.

Instead, neighbors and some town officials left the meeting feeling like they had been told what was going to happen, rather than being asked if the school system could buy the land.

In short, there was a communication breakdown. In this case, since it is the school system that wants to initiate those changes, it is incumbent upon them to explain clearly where they are in their planning process.

It seems unlikely, given the lack of research school system officials have put into the effort so far and the staunch opposition of neighbors and town leaders, that any of the proposals put before the neighbors last month will ever come to fruition. But WCPSS could have spared many people a fair amount of angst had they communicated their efforts more clearly.