Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: A good choice for the people of Knightdale

Knightdale leaders have their man. Bill Summers has been tapped to serve as Knightdale’s next town manager. He is a good choice. We’ve watched Summers career since his time as a town planner in Wake Forest, where he helped guide the town through some stunning growth in a short period of time.

From there he worked with some regional planning organizations where he had the chance to learn about the importance of governments working across borders, something we have advocated for years.

After that, he has gained experience as a town manager at progressively larger towns, though managing Knightdale will clearly be the largest operation he has run to date.

Summers has proven accessible to people and he has the ability to explain complex situations in terms that everyone can understand, no small feat when you stop to consider the alphabet soup of an acronym-happy government.

As a manager he has proven himself to be adroit when it comes to balancing the obligations of his job with the political wants and desires of his bosses. That’s important not only in Knightdale, but in any town, where elected officials tend to want things done the way the see best. Summers has overseen some projects as a manager, building a cache of experiences that will serve him well in Knightdale, including the construction of a second fire station and the completion of a hospital.

Summers was the clear choice of the personnel committee that recommended him to the council and council members have said they were impressed by what we’ve learned.

Those who have watched Summers’ work as a manager have nothing but good things to say about him and the professional progression we have seem over the past 12 years or so leads us to believe Knightdale will be well served.