Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: Coming changes call for decisive leadership

Wendell commissioners can be excused if they were stating the obvious on Saturday during their mid-year retreat.

Big changes, they readily admitted, are coming to the town over the next 10 years. One needs only ride down the newly-renamed Wendell Falls Parkway to U.S. 264 to see exactly what they are talking about.

Wendell Falls, in and of itself is a game-changer for a town the size of Wendell. Add to that the handful of other residential developments that are stirring back to life following the recession and it’s clear things are about to change.

Wendell’s town board seems ready to embrace that change. It will, however, take some bold leadership on their part to take steps previous boards have been unwilling to take.

Commissioners should look now at the idea of floating bonds to help the town meet its impending needs.

Commissioners should also begin now the process of assuring that voters are fairly represented. As Wendell Falls become the major population center, it’s important that our elected leaders reflect not only the Wendell Falls constituency, but the traditional Wendell voters as well. Voting districts will help resolve that issue and now’s the time to begin.

Now’s the time, town board. Be bold. Be decisive. Wendell residents will thank you.