Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: Boys & Girls Club a major asset

It’s hard to oversell the value of investing in our young people.

There’s not a parent out there – no matter how good or bad a job they do – who wouldn’t like to see their child succeed at some aspect of life.

Most parents invest vast amounts of whatever time and resources they have in helping their children build a foundation for successful adult life.

That’s why we care whether our schools are good or not. That’s why we value parks and recreation programs.

But there is one more important cog in that wheel. Just over 20 years ago, town leaders made the decision to pursue the establishment of a Boys & Girls Club in Zebulon. It took a year to get the program in place and several more years before they had a permanent home. It took even longer to create the kind of facility the organization truly needed to best serve the boys and girls who were members of the club.

But all those things have happened and, last week, many of the people who were vital in creating Zebulon’s Boys & Girls Club gathered at the clubhouse to celebrate the club’s two-decade record of success.

At the moment, Zebulon boasts the largest membership of any club in Wake County. How do you like that, Raleigh?

The Boys & Girls Club has proven itself, really, to be an indispensable part of our community. It’s a place our youngsters can go to do homework, to burn off some energy, to learn to cooperate in a team environment and to learn responsibility. The fact that it is so uncommonly affordable (membership costs just $7.50 per year) is especially important to people in eastern Wake County, where the financial resources often fall short of what people in other parts of Wake County have.

The entire community – not just those volunteer organizers from 20 years ago – has rallied around the Boys & Girls Club because they sense its value to the community and they understand the incredible needs it serves to fill.

We look forward to another 20 years of growth and community support for the Boys & Girls Club and we praise all those who had the foresight in the mid-’90s to embark on that mission.