Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: One region, regardless

Legislators have seen to it that Wendell and Zebulon will no longer be represented by the same county commissioner that serves the people of Knightdale.

That breaks a longheld bond between the three eastern Wake County towns. Despite what the legislature has done, the people of eastern Wake County will likely disregard that public slap in the face and continue to work together on issues that are important to everyone in our communities.

Exhibit number one in that argument came last week when students from all over eastern Wake County – Wendell, Zebulon and Knightdale – gathered for the 20th annual Stars in the East gala.

That performance, as riveting as it has ever been, brings people from many walks of life together for a celebration of the arts, but also for a celebration of eastern Wake County’s greatest shared resource – its children.

Most people who have had students in school over the last generation have attended at least one of these events and, this year’s show, as is normally the case, filled virtually every seat in the East Wake auditorium and the performances drew cheers from parents of all three towns, regardless of which school the performers were representing.

Legislators may wish to break up what they see as unfavorable cliques, but we believe the people of eastern Wake County have too much in common to let legislative pettiness get in their way.