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Letter: Thanks on Father’s Day

Editor’s note: The following letter was written to Charles Wood on Father’s Day in 2009, by his daughter. They shared it with the Eastern Wake News this year.

Dear Dad,

Father’s Day is a special day, especially for me.

I often think of how different my life would have been if you had not been the man you are. What if you had run from a woman with small kids? Instead you took on the role of father to two more which has been and still is a lifetime of commitment, not only to the woman, but to the kids.

From a small child who went from being a rebellious teenager to a strong woman, I say thank you for not making me a “stepchild” but a “daughter.” March 18, 1993 is one of the proudest days of my life. I know that I have a special place in your heart as you have in mine.

For softening the landings in my life, for letting me stumble and realize that things, big or small, were probably never as bad as I thought they were at the time, I say thank you.

For taking care of my mother, for being her rock as you are to many of us, always treating her with the utmost respect and admiration, I say thank you.

To my kids and grandkids, you have always been there for them as you have been for me. They know, as I do, they can always count on Papa to handle whatever crisis comes along. For that, I say thank you.

This year, I will be 50. Where did the years go? For including me in your life, I say thank you.

Robin Wood

Lizard Lick