Eastern Wake: Opinion

Letter: Tax hike was out of bounds

A 3.9 percent tax increase? That’s what the Wake County Board of Commissioners have just handed me. I haven’t had a 3.9 percent increase in anything since 2008 except my blood pressure.

Where is the protest? Where were the Taxing Tuesdays within the halls of the Wake County Office Building filled with protesters chanting, “Unfair taxes?”

Rape my wallet! Build exorbitant schools that overburden those of us who have built the county over the years for those people coming, those who come but bring fewer assets. Rob the library funding so citizens can read less about their duties as citizens. Democrats raiding the Wake County Library Fund, unbelievable; I am now officially not proud to be a registered Democrat.

The commissioners touted 1.9 percent, then maybe 2.9 percent and then quietly raised the ante to 3.9 percent. Where is the outrage at the group of people calling themselves Wake County commissioners, elected to represent the people, when they clearly represent an expansive, manipulative government and shun their obligation to their bosses, the citizenry?

Where does it say in any Constitution that the workers and the makers of the wealth have to support the whims of a free-spending, aloof group like the current Wake County Board of Commissioners?

For their lack of paced increased taxation as opposed to the immediate drastic and penalizing tax increase the commissioners have adopted, I impeach them. They should be ousted. In my mind, I already see the time that this board shall be removed from office, when the makers come to their senses and take the reins from the takers and the voters of Wake County once again demand fiscal accountability and responsibility and release us from the tyranny of the free spenders.

I eagerly wait to join others as they stand up to this outright injustice.

Frank Timberlake