Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: Take some extra care on the roads

If you’re not already aware, school begins Monday. High school drivers will be trying to beat the tardy bell first thing in the morning and all those yellow school buses will be moving around the county in earnest.

The rest of us need to be careful.

With the additonal traffic, it’s important that we all become more defensive drivers. Keep a closer eye out on the traffic around you and maintain a slightly greater distance between your vehicle and the ones in front of you. Let off your own accelerator just a bit. Plan for just a little bit longer commute to whatever destination you are trying to reach.

Doing those things may take a bit more time out of your day, but that’s a small, small price to pay compared to the trials that could occur in the wake of a bad automobile wreck. There’s no way to take back what’s happened once a crash occurs and someone gets hurt, or worse, dies.

Common sense tells us traffic will be worse during morning drive time with high schoolers adding to the volume of traffic and slow-moving school buses taking up space in the slow lanes of traffic.

If a school is located along your route, it’s even more critical that you slow down and keep your eyes on a swivel, looking for small children darting out from between cars or drivers who hit the brakes suddenly because the turn creeps up on them.

We realize this is an almost annual appeal, but it does bear heeding by everyone. Despite the best warnings of local police, school officials and, yes, even editorials in the local newspaper, someone this school year will be involved in a wreck with a school bus or a car full of teenagers.

Don’t let it be you.