Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: Benton moves to the head of the class

When you think about it, it’s remarkable that Zebulon resident Tom Benton is the first eastern Wake County person to lead the Wake County school board in 35 years.

But that’s the case and now Benton finds himself at the top of the educational heap in North Carolina’s largest school district.

In 1978, Wake County was on the front end of a growth spurt when John Massey led the Wake County school board. He was just the second school board chairman of the combined Wake County-Raleigh City school system.

Now, though, Wake County is so large, school board members can’t possibly attend all the graduation ceremonies, much less manage the minutiae brought forth by parents, teachers and mid-level administrators.

Put another way, don’t expect Benton to just bring home the bacon to eastern Wake County because he’s sitting in the big chair.

Instead, we expect Benton to move all of Wake County schools forward, to build consensus at all levels and to support ideas that make our children smarter when they leave public education. That’s a big enough task for anyone, regardless of where they call home.