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Editorial: Deciding nominees for the fall

You’d have to live under a rock not to know this year’s presidential election is shaping up to be one of historic proportions. Will we elect our first female president? Will we elect a bombastic businessman? Will we get behind an ultra-liberal? Or an extreme conservative?

You can have a say in the answers to those questions on Tuesday if you will simply go to your local polling place and cast your ballot in this year’s primary election.

The act of voting is so incredibly simple and, in most cases, requires very little time. But the outcome of those decisions is important to every one of us.

Regardless of which party’s primary you participate in and regardless of which candidate you support, it’s clear that the political process doesn’t run smoothly when we don’t participate.

So plan your schedule on Tuesday in such a way that you slip by the polling place and take part in answering the questions we’ve posed. Otherwise, you may just get someone you didn’t bargain for.

And if that happens, the next four years could be rough for you.