Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: Go to Relay for Life and do your part

We’ve lost track of the plattitudes and cliches that surround an event like Relay for Life. The number of reasons to participate in Relay for Life are as long as your arm.

We hope just one of those reasons will be enough to bring you out to Five County Stadium on May 20-21 to take part in the event and be part of the effort to eliminate a disease that has proven stubborn to deal with for our medical community and devastating to the people and families who are afflicted with the disease in any of its many forms.

Aside from all the personal reasons that may mean something to you, but to no one else, there is a corporate reason for taking part in Relay for Life.

As a civilized society, we work together to set societal standards and rules. We work together to enforce them upon the whole of our society and we work together to change societal norms as the times change. As a society, we have a vested interest in defending every member of our group against outside perils, whether they are wildfires, criminals or a disease like cancer.

This isn’t just a problem for the Smith family. Or the Jones family. It is a societal challenge that threatens all of us, not because cancer is contagious, but because it is so far-reaching and can impact everyone and anyone.

While we may buy our homes as individual families, or raise our children in different ways, we can all agree that cancer is an unwelcome guest in our society. It takes the entire membership of our society to be moved to the point of action to thwart an enemy like cancer.

The results may not be as immediate as we might see on a field of battle when the enemy retreats, but we are sure to see the benefit of working together to battle a common foe.

The Relay for Life allows us to do that. It gives us a structured opportunity to do what’s within our power to fend off cancer. We can’t all be doctors, administering radiation, or surgeons removing tumors. But we can contribute some portion of our money. And we can contribute some portion of our time to let people who are in their own personal battles know they are not in this fight alone.

We can show them that they have an entire society behind them.