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Letter: Solar farms in residential areas

New homeowner questions solar farm

I have been a resident of Zebulon for 18 years. I love this town and the community. I recently purchased a beautiful home at 404 S. Arendell Ave. I love the home, but on the day I moved in, I was informed that a solar farm was in the works to be put behind my home. The view behind my house is beautiful. It looks out into a quiet field and to me is one of the best views in Zebulon from a back porch. I went to all the meetings and each time it seemed as though the speakers were ill-prepared and brought no experts that could answer the questions that were being asked. I really see no benefit to the town or the neighbors of the solar farm. I would ask our commissioners to consider whether they would want this in their back yard. I have seen several of these farms and done my own research about them, which has led me to conclude that they do not belong in residential areas.

Sabrina Keith