Eastern Wake: Opinion

Editorial: Arts center plans are the result of tenacity

Sometimes, it’s best when government just gets out of the way. For several years now, proponents of an arts center in Zebulon have worked to establish a home for a program that could expand the cultural opportunities for literally everyone in the region.

That group has met obstacle after obstacle. Sometimes those barriers were of their own making; sometimes they were problems put on them by the town of Zebulon. And, while the town has certainly never said it didn’t want an arts center, it has also never really come fully to the aid and the support of the folks trying to establish the center.

And, while still nothing is set in stone, the organizers of the proposed Zebulon Arts Center have taken their dream a step closer to reality with a deal brokered between them and another private property owner that provides the most basic of resources: a place to call home.

There is still much to do for the core members of the group. They must continue to establish funding and they must do a lot to improve the property where they hope the arts center will live.

But where there is a need, residents of Zebulon and the rest of eastern Wake County are perfectly capable of rising up to meet that need.

To be sure, no one needs an arts center to live. Zebulon isn’t a bad town because it does not currently have an arts center. But when we look only to our government to provide for our wants and our needs, we fail to give proper credence to the remarkable ability of the people in our region.

Those people, with resources and skills of their own, are quite capable of making most anything become a reality.

There is a certain tenacity among the group of people trying to establish an arts center in downtown. We believe that tenacity will carry them a long way. And we hope it carries the project all the way to fruition.

Now is the time for all of us to get on board with the effort: private citizens, corporate interests, private enterprise and, yes, the local government, which can now stand back and serve in a secondary role rather than being looked to as the answer to every question.