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Tarheel Swimming Association season kicks off in hottest of conditions

The Wendell Waves’ Hayden Simpson performs the butterfly in the 13-14 boys medley relay. The Wendell Waves hosted Oak Park in a Tarheel Swimming Association meet at the Wendell Swim Club in Wendell, N.C. on June 16, 2015.
The Wendell Waves’ Hayden Simpson performs the butterfly in the 13-14 boys medley relay. The Wendell Waves hosted Oak Park in a Tarheel Swimming Association meet at the Wendell Swim Club in Wendell, N.C. on June 16, 2015. newsobserver.com

Tuesday marked the start of the season for the three local teams competing in the Tarheel Swimming Association summer league.

The opportunity to jump in the pool came at a fitting time, on the afternoon of a day that saw a record-high temperature of 100 degrees in the Triangle.

The Division 7 Planter’s Walk Piranhas faced a team twice their size, the Division 6 Granite Falls Gators, and couldn’t catch up after falling behind early in a 390-119 loss.

The Knightdale team left its mark at the Rolesville club, however, with pool records set by the following Piranhas: Trent Walker, Liam Givens-Keatley, Jaden Valles and Ben Rashleigh in the 13-14 boys medley (2:08.03) and freestyle (1:52.53) relays; Givens-Keatley in the 13-14 boys backstroke (28.28, also a PW team record); and Robert McCue in the 15-18 boys butterfly (25.40).

The Piranhas’ triple winners were Givens-Keatley and Dax Hardy (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly).

The Division 9 Wendell Waves hosted a meeting of even-sized teams, but the Division 8 Oak Park Piranhas swam away with the win, 324-161.

Hayden Simpson (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly) was a triple winner for Wendell and Michelle Duffy (freestyle, breaststroke) was a double winner for the Waves.

The Zebulon Dolphins traveled to Raleigh to take on the Carlyle & Chatsworth Lakers in a Division 10 meet that ended in a rare tie, 221-221.

Zebulon’s triple winners were Josh Temple (freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly), and Bella Leahy and Julia Wrenn (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly). The Dolphins got a double-win night from 6 and under swimmer John Carlos Husted (freestyle, backstroke).

This Tuesday, Planter’s Walk is scheduled to take to the road again to face Division 6 Summerfield North in Raleigh. Wendell travels to Raleigh to take on the Hawthorne Stingrays, a fellow Division 10 team, and Zebulon hosts Division 9 Crabtree.

Granite Falls 390,Planter’s Walk 119

Medley Relay

First: Luke Peters, Dax Hardy, Jackson Beam and Ethan Robinson; Trent Walker II, Jaden Valles, Liam Givens-Keatley and Ben Rashleigh.


First: Dax Hardy and Liam Givens-Keatley.

Second: Kelly McCue, Kristin Olsen and Robert McCue.

Third: Matthew Slade, Trent Walker II and Christina Benvenuto.


First: Dax Hardy and Liam Givens-Keatley.

Second: Kelly McCue, Cameron Mays and Leah Yuhas.

Third: Luke Peters, Trent Walker II, Will Snow and Christina Benvenuto.


First: Ben Rashleigh.

Second: Ethan Robinson and Robert McCue.

Third: Jackson Beam, Libby Gill, Trent Walker II, Caroline Clifford, Cameron Mays and Christina Benvenuto.


First: Dax Hardy, Liam Givens-Keatley, Robert McCue and Kristin Olsen.

Second: Jaden Valles, Kelly McCue and Leah Yuhas.

Third: Catherine Mills, Marie Rashleigh and Ben Rashleigh.

Freestyle Relay

First: Ethan Robinson, Jackson Beam, Luke Peters and Dax Hardy; Trent Walker II, Jaden Valles, Jackson Beam and Liam Givens-Keatley; Christina Benvenuto, Kristin Olsen, Leah Yuhas and Brenna Hardy.

Oak Park 324,Wendell 161

Medley Relay

First: Morgan Sherman, Nathan Bryant, Hayden Simpson and Matthew Shore.


First: Michelle Duffy, Gracie Wright and Hayden Simpson.

Second: Nicholas Duffy, Elaine Simpson, Carson Hetzell, Colin Rourke, Nathan Bryant and Julia Waynik.

Third: Sawyer Spruill, Mattox Bryant, Howie Bair and Matthew Shore.


First: Elaine Simpson, Gracie Wright, John Riddle, Hayden Simpson and Julia Waynik.

Second: Parker Perry and Daniel Duttman.

Third: Kane Ferrell, Lila Bender, Nathan Spruill, Mason Hetzell and Woody Raynor.


First: Michelle Duffy, Parker Perry, John Riddle, Nathan Bryant and Daniel Duttman.

Second: Mason Hetzell, Howie Bair and Julia Waynik.

Third: Nicholas Duffy, Kate Simpson, Mattox Bryant, Taylor Stocks and Morgan Sherman.


First: Mason Hetzell, Hayden Simpson and Daniel Duttman.

Second: Nathan Spruill, Parker Perry, Gracie Wright, John Riddle and Nathan Bryant.

Third: Kate Simpson, Taylor Stocks, Colin Rourke and Matthew Shore.

Freestyle Relay

First: Grace Ray, Kakie Holt, Taylor Stocks and Gracie Wright; Hayden Simpson, Woody Raynor, Matthew Shore and Nathan Bryant.

Zebulon 221,Carlyle & Chatsworth 221

Medley Relay

First: Angelo Husted, Grayson Hirsch, Benny Allmon and Dylan Kondylas; Callie Pisarik, Emma Bailey, Bella Leahy and Avery Wheless; Wade Creech, Josh Temple, Ryan Worley and Ian Kerr; Whitley Creech, Ashley Kerr, Julia Wrenn and Caroline Jones.


First: John Carlos Husted, Sophia Pisarik, Isabella Harrelson, Bella Leahy, Josh Temple and Julia Wrenn.

Second: Shaun Morgan, Angelo Husted, Benny Allmon, Emma Bailey, Whitley Creech and Caroline Jones.

Third: Morgan Sawyer, Dylan Kondylas, Ashley Kerr and Wade Creech.


First: John Carlos Husted, Anna Bailey, Bella Leahy, Ryan Worley and Julia Wrenn.

Second: Cash Bridgers, Dylan Kondylas, Isabella Harrelson, Benny Allmon, Whitley Creech, Caroline Jones and Wade Creech.

Third: Zac Pendleton, Addison Kondylas, Macy Pait, Greyson Hirsch, Emma Bailey, Avery Wheless and Ashley Kerr.


First: Cash Bridgers, Isabella Harrelson, Josh Temple and Caroline Jones.

Second: Shaun Morgan, Anna Bailey, Dylan Kondylas, Greyson Hirsch, Callie Pisarik, Avery Wheless and Ryan Worley.

Third: Morgan Sawyer, Zac Pendleton, Macy Pait, Ashley Kerr and Wade Creech.


First: Angelo Husted, Bella Leahy, Josh Temple and Julia Wrenn.

Second: Benny Allmon, Whitley Creech and Ryan Worley.

Third: Emma Bailey and Ian Kerr.

Freestyle Relay

First: Greyson Hirsch, Angelo Husted, Dylan Kondylas and Benny Allmon; Avery Wheless, Callie Pisarik, Emma Bailey and Bella Leahy; Wade Creech, Josh Temple, Ian Kerr and Ryan Worley; Whitley Creech, Caroline Jones, Ashley Kerr and Julia Wrenn.

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