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Garner to replace street lights with LED lights to save energy

The town is currently replacing all of its street lights with light-emitting diode (LED) lights, that will ultimately save them tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Duke Energy is replacing the fixtures that are over 20 years old at their cost, and the town of Garner is replacing those younger than 20 years old, assistant town engineer Jonathan Ham said.

LED lights are becoming the new trend. The lights cost more but save consumers more money over time. Duke Energy is switching out all of its street lights to cut energy costs.

Approximately 3,335 will be replaced. Garner will pay for 1,451 of them. The total cost of the project is $72,550 and the pay back is 13 months. It will save the town $67,145 annually. The money comes from the town’s general fund.

“For the town it really is about saving money,” Ham said. “The interest was in reducing our annual payments. And they tend to last longer.”

If the lights need to be replaced, then Duke Energy would take care of it.

The town will not replace yard or parking lot lighting that is not owned by the town.

The primary appeal of LED street lighting is energy efficiency compared to conventional street lighting fixture technologies. Research continues to improve the efficiency of newer models. LED lights can produce the same amount of luminance with half the power consumption.

LED lighting does not typically fail, but instead decreases in output until it needs to be replaced.