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Local home to be featured in national magazine

Country Living photographers try snap a photo of Trinity Holmes’ dining room table.
Country Living photographers try snap a photo of Trinity Holmes’ dining room table.

Trinity Holmes enjoys flipping through Country Living magazine and seeing how people have decorated older homes.

“I like to take ideas from others and use it for my home,” Holmes, a subscriber of the magazine for five years, said.

Holmes, her husband Jason and their three young children, live in a one-story house on Fanny Brown Road out in the country. The house is also an older home, built in 1934, and the inside is decorated like the homes in the magazines.

But this spring, Holmes will be flipping through Country Living, this time looking at her own home, while others take ideas from her.

Country Living, an American lifestyle and decorating magazine, will feature her home in its May edition. The monthly magazine, based out of Birmingham, Alabama, focuses on cooking, gardening, decorating and collecting antiques. It’s circulation in 2012 was 1,641,000.

Last week, photographers, were at her home for hours over the course of two days taking pictures of her unique architecture.

“I’ve learned to stay out of their way,” she said laughing.

Before Holmes and her family moved to their current home in Garner, they lived in a subdivision in Fuquay-Varina. Holmes told her husband, who owns Saps Welding and Radiator, she had always wanted an older home.

So when she and her husband and their two children – at the time – finally moved into that home she always wanted two years ago, she immediately went to work. She designed how she wanted the inside of her house to look and her husband and his brother did the construction.

Nearly everything in her home is homemade.

Gaining attention

She could envision flipping through the pages of a magazine and seeing her home featured in it.

A friend who visited her newly-decorated home suggested she take photos and share them on Instagram. Hesitant at first, she finally did in September.

“You know it’s your home and you’re putting your home out there for the public to see, inviting negativity,” she said. “My husband hunts and some people disagree. But in the end I decided you’re always going to have someone who loves it and someone who hates it.”

But the more she posted, the more people liked the photos and the more popular her home became. She said she hasn’t really gotten any negative feedback.

The executive editor of Country Living, Steele Marcoux, sent her two emails, the first she didn’t see, asking her if she would be interested in the magazine featuring her home.

“I’m a huge fan of Country Living, so when I saw the email, I said ‘Of course,’” Holmes said.

Marcoux saw the inside of the home through pictures.

“I first saw the home on Instagram, of all places, and I fell for all of her many collections throughout the house,” Marcoux said in an email to the Garner-Cleveland Record. “She has such a great eye for putting old finds to use around her home. There’s more charm packed into every square inch than I’ve seen in a while.”

Holmes, a stay-at-home-mom, has three children – an 11-year-old, a 5-year-old and an 11-month-old baby. She loves to decorate homes and said she wants to soon turn her passion into a business. Most of the purchases in her home were bought on bargain, she said

“You can do it on an easy budget, you just have to be patient,” Holmes said. “It’s just finding it for the right price and doing it yourself.”