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Johnston schools showcase technology

For more than a decade, the Johnston County school system’s Digital Learning Team has given schools an opportunity to showcase student projects that incorporate technology.

The Digital Learning Expo, formerly the Technology Showcase, gives teachers and students a chance to collaborate on how to best use technology in the classroom.

This year’s expo was held at Johnston Community College. The theme was “Marvels of Digital Learning” and included photo opportunities with Marvel Comics’ character. The Digital Learning Team enlisted Cleveland High School’s Katherine Thompson and two of her third-year design students, Amanda Duffy and Kayla Denstone-Schutz, to create a Marvel hero for the team. Their creation became the center of this year’s advertising and decorations.

Expo projects included tools for formative assessments in the classroom, such as Kahoot! and Plickers, plus tools for collaboration including Google Classroom and Haiku Deck. Other projects focused on mobile devices and how to make them interactive using apps such as Aurasma and QR codes.

Response to the event was positive. In the anonymous surveys after the event, one attendee said: “I thought you all did a phenomenal job. This was my first year in attendance, and I had a ball. I will attend next year with my children, and I plan to have students present projects as well. I want to get in on the excitement.”

More information about this year’s projects is online at