Garner Cleveland Record

Woman fatally shot in head

Police charged a Garner man with fatally shooting his girlfriend in the head last Sunday night in her apartment in the 800 block of Delta Street.

Winston Lewis, 35, faces one charge of murder in the death of Latasha R. Pierce, 36, who died after being taken to WakeMed in Raleigh. Lewis made the 911 call.

Garner police spokesman Sgt. Scott Crawford said the shooting was a domestic incident. Lewis had lived in the apartment “since about January,” Crawford said, though his name was not on the lease.

In a five-minute call made at 10:46 p.m. Sunday, Lewis said, “I’d like to report a gunshot wound,” and requested an ambulance be sent quickly.

He later noted that Pierce, whom he identified as his girlfriend, was “hurt really bad.”

Lewis initially struggled to recall the letter designation of the apartment, located in Delta Place Apartments just off of Weston Road.

Later, as the 911 operator tried to determine who had shot Pierce, Lewis stuttered and didn’t answer right away. He said “no” when asked if he had shot her and again when asked if he knew who did.

As the operator pressed Lewis on how Pierce got shot, later asking if she shot herself, he continued to stutter through half-sentences, and the call ended.

Another woman who had briefly taken the phone said she wasn’t present when the shooting occurred, and the 911 operator eventually asked to hand the phone back to Lewis.

Pierce worked as a cashier at several grocery store and fast-food outlets, state records show. Her family declined to comment Monday night.

Lewis has two convictions for driving while impaired, in September 2012 and in January of this year, court records show. The incidents occurred four months apart in late 2011. He also has convictions for assault on a female in 2008 and 2002, state records show.

Lewis was being held in the Wake County jail without benefit of bail, police said.