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Renovations pushed back 5 weeks

The opening of the new police headquarters will be pushed back few weeks, as will the renovations to the Southeast Regional Library.

Instead of moving into its new building in September, the Garner Police Department will move in on Oct. 5, about five weeks after expected.

“(The contractor) had some issues related to some of the work in the building,” said Town Engineer Tony Chalk. The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and electrical work got a little behind.”

“It’s not a good thing, but it’s just typical of construction,” Chalk added. “Sometimes things just jump up on (contractors) and it doesn’t meet schedules as forecast.”

The date for library’s renovations depends on the department’s move-in date after the contractors are finished. The library will resume its services in the old police headquarters when the department moves out, until its own renovations are complete.

“Once that happens we can move in pretty quickly, ” said Ann Burlingame, Wake County Library deputy director. “All we have to do is upfit that building.”

She said the county as well as the town’s goal is to limit the amount of time the library will be closed.

The 22,000 square-foot library located on 908 Seventh Ave., was built in 1988 and was in need of upgrades. The renovations were approved in a 2007 bond, along with five other facilities.

When it is completed, the new library will have a different layout, new carpet, new shelving, new furnishing, more programming, a new space for adult programming and more space for staff.

However, there was no money for a temporary location.

So the town offered the police station when it is finally vacated.

County commissioners voted Monday afternoon to approve a contract for the library’s renovations and allow for the library to use the temporary space when the department moves out.

But as the schedule for the police station goes, so goes the schedule for renovations at the library.

During the commissioners meeting, Mark Forestieri, the county director for facilities design and construction, said the county has negotiated with the contractor to delay the renovations in accordance with the police department’s move-out date. But any further delays could pose a problem, he said.

“I do need to issue a little bit of caution should the schedule be delayed even further than this, there could potentially be (an) impact to (the) project from subcontractor availability and possibly material price increases,” Forestieri told county commissioners.

The newly-renovated library is expected to reopen in May 2016, if renovations stay on schedule.

Chalk said the contractor gave himself enough time where he doesn’t think there will be any more delays.

“I do think the contractor has built ample time in to get the work done,” Chalk said. “It is an aggressive time-line. But I think that they are doable.”

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