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Garner fire officials urge cooking safety

As Thanksgiving ushers in the holiday season, Garner Fire-Rescue reminds everyone to use caution when preparing holiday meals.

“We want everyone to remember that accidents can happen anytime but they should be extra cautious when frying turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas” said John Booth, firefighter for GFR. “People should make sure the turkey is thawed out completely and dried. They also need to measure the grease to avoid any overflows that could cause fires.”

This can be done by placing the bird in the empty pot and adding water to completely submerge the turkey. Then place a line using a marker on the outside of the pot. This can be a line to add the oil too. Remove the bird and dry it off again before submerging it in the hot oil.

“It’s always a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher readily available when using any outdoor cooking appliances. You should have it within reach just in case your grease should flare up,” Booth said.

Make sure to have the fryer outside and away from any potential dangers including any children or pets. If you have any questions about holiday fire safety feel free to contact Garner Fire-Rescue.