Garner Cleveland Record

Gun store employee fires shot at intruders

Wake County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of gun shots fired at a gun store just outside town Tuesday afternoon.

Deputies responded to the scene at Jim’s Gun Shop, at 609 Woodland Road, Garner about 4:35 after an employee at the store reported an attempted armed robbery.

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said an employee was in the store with a customer when he saw two men walking toward the store, which is in a small shop located behind a house on Woodland Road. Harrison said he did not have the name of the store employee.

According to Harrison, the employee lost sight of the two men for a moment. When he saw them again, they were wearing white masks and walking torward the store’s front door.

The employee tried to lock the door before the men could get in, but the suspects continued to try to break into the store. The employee then used a gun to fire through the door.

The suspects fled in a green-colored car, possibly a Toyota.

Harrison said the employee told investigators he was unsure if he had hit either of the suspects.

The Sheriff’s Office has put out a notice to area law enforcement agencies asking them to stop and hold any vehicles that fit the description of the getaway vehicle.

Harrison said the employee was only able to give them a limited description of the men. Both were black. One was short, one was tall.

“He didn’t get a good look at them and, to be honest, he’s pretty shook up right now,” Harrison said.