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Student speak: Vandora Springs Elementary School students talk Thanksgiving

We asked Vandora Springs Elementary School students what they do on Thanksgiving Day. Here’s what they had to say:

Alexis Correa, Kindergarten

“We’re moving on Thanksgiving so I’m going to a new house. Sometimes we play board games; Candyland, Shoots and Ladders.”

Anthony Jackson, Grade 1

“(We have) chicken and rice, broccoli and steak. I like the broccoli. I watch basketball and football with my dad on TV. We went to the Carolina game one day. I actually like to watch TV with my brother. He’s 2 (years old).”

David Cohen, Kindergarten

“We have to drive all the way from here all the way to Boston, and then we have to go all the way to Connecticut. We never take the plane since it’s not as far as Disney World is. Disney World is even farther. It’s like even farther then to get to the school. And it’s even bigger than a whole volcano.”

Dylan Pinette, Grade 1

“Give people thanks. We give out turkeys and potatoes and all of that stuff Thanksgiving Day. Potatoes (are my favorite) because you get to put butter on them. Just regular potatoes that you cook. We just play games and stuff.”

Olivia Lanner, Grade 1

“I go to my grandma’s house. We have a feast in the dining room. Turkey, and chips. I eat the chips before I eat the turkey, and then I get more chips to put on the turkey. Then we go home that night. I have my aunt, my other aunt, my cousin, my other cousin, my other cousin, my other cousin … I have more than 10 cousins.”

Payton Glandorf, Grade 1

“We have turkey, mashed potatoes, chicken, like a whole feast. We just stay at our house … we play some games. I like Monopoly. It has this little money machine and you stick a little card in it and money comes out if you land on that space. You own properties for it. Once you own one you have to have a house and that card, and if you get around the first time you get $2 million.”

Compiled by staff writers Kyle Jahner and Aaron Moody