Garner: Community

A bad sign (will be yanked by the town)

In advance of Memorial Day and other warm weekends, Garner issued a reminder of town rules governing lawn sales.

The rules govern the placement and size of signs announcing the yard sale in particular. They warn that violators will walk out to find their illicit signs no longer in their yards.

Garner Mayor Ronnie Williams said the announcement wasn’t in response to any rash of violations, but said signs do get pulled and people do get upset.

“It’s proactive,” he said, “Some people don’t adhere to them, and frankly some get concerned when the town takes them up. Some have them professionally done, invest money, and they get taken up.”

Rules require that signs aren’t placed more than two weeks in advance of the event, and are removed no more than three days after. The signs must be fairly small; they cannot exceed three feet in height or nine square feet (or a 3-foot by 3-foot sign).

Right-of-way represents another concern. Signs cannot be closer than 10 feet to the curb line or edge of road pavement.

They can’t be placed on any existing governmental signs such as traffic signs, legal notices and informational signs. Utility poles and trees on public right-of-ways are also off limits.

Relying on neighbors not to report a violation won’t work, the town says. The enforcement program includes weekend sign sweeps, so signs in violation will be confiscated.

“If it’s in the right-of-way and not where it should be, it’ll be taken up,” Williams said.

People with questions about the proper placement of their signs can contact enforcement planner Jason Brown at 919-773-4429.