Garner: Community

Scotty stars in new Garner All America video

Scotty McCreery couldn’t make the trip to Denver to join the Garner delegation for the All America City finals. But he ended up involved anyway.

Garner released its promotional video for the finals of the National Civic League competition Thursday. The American Idol winner lends his characteristic deep voice to the video, as he takes viewers around town and narrates.

“I’ve had the chance to see a lot of this great country over the past couple years, and it’s made me prouder than ever to call Garner my home,” the country star says as the video begins.

The video proceeds to show N.C. Secretary of Transportation and ret. Brig. Gen. Tony Tata praising Garner at the dedication of the Veterans Memorial and McCreery interviewing Faye Gardner, the project committee’s vice president.

The rest of the video is also heavy on McCreery, with him talking in his SUV about his experiences in Garner. He also visits the Community of Hope Food Pantry and the Garner Performing Arts Center.

The video was produced by town public information officer Rick Mercier and directed by videographer Adam Carroll, who works for the company that helps the town produce Garner TV 11.