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School notes: Nov. 18

Spelling bee

Southside Christian School held its annual spelling bee this month. Middle school students competed for the title of spelling bee winner and the chance to represent Southside Christian School at the Johnston County Spelling Bee in March. This year’s winner was eighth-grade student, Abigail Pittman. Pittman was challenged by sixth-grader Cameron Glogower and seventh-grader Connor Laughlin who finished second and third respectively. Pittman also represented Southside Christian School and won the Johnston County Spelling Bee the last two years and made it to the third round in the Scripps National Spelling Bee both years.

Individual bees were held in each of the elementary classes. The class winners competed for the honor of overall elementary spelling bee champion which ultimately went to fifth-grader Sarah Fuccello. The class winners included: Case Holland (K5), Carter Trudeau (K5), Lizzie Miller (1st grade), Rebekah Thompson (1st grade), Zachary Doyle (2nd grade), Amy Szymanowski (2nd grade), Zachary Thompson (3rd grade), Abby Hobbs (3rd grade), Gracie Higginbotham (4th grade), Maddy Sutphin (4th grade) and Lacy Howell (5th grade), and Fuccello (5th grade).