Garner: Opinion

Letter: For global warming, keep an eye on the Rockies

I have been observing and studying climate change for over 40 years as a chemist, a metallurgist and an engineer.

I believe the answers to global warming can be understood by the average bulk ocean pH which is 8.25 (no free carbonic acid).

Once the average bulk ocean pH drops below 8.20, free carbonic acid will exist, endangering ocean reefs, shellfish exoskeletons and the earth’s natural carbon cycle. Biosphere CO2 levels are now near 400 ppm and rising slightly according to Al Gore and others.

As we enter the 21st century and beyond, climate change and global warming are becoming important factors in the general public. It is almost a religion on the far left.

Political initiatives to combat the effects of climate change appear fruitless but the green technology coming out of the research is awesome, such as the electric Tesla and other green technology.

Mass media reports portray climate change in terms of extremes, with little space devoted to explaining the wide spectrum of future climate scenarios or the range of uncertainty accompanying their future predictions.

In this letter, I am focusing on the entire Rocky Mountain chain from Mexico to Alaska since geologically, the chain of mountains are a short period in terms of the mountains and hills on the East coast. Although the evidence is not straight forward to interpret, the mountain scenery is spectacular out West.

Most of the conclusions reached today rely on proxy data which is covered by the literature and hype over global warming. We need to study the last 10,000 years of earth’s history to get a handle on what is going on with climate change.

I encourage everyone in the political spectrum to visit the Rockies out West with an open mind to gain a new perspective on what actually is going on as the earth’s climate may be changing for the better or worse.

Jack S. Granger