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Editorial: Enjoy a day at the fair

North Carolina’s celebration of its agricultural heritage offers a lot to see and do. Fortunately for us, it’s an easy trip which makes it that much easier to take in all the attractions the event offers, from a walk through the Village of Yesteryear to a midway full of thrill rides to whatever this year’s popular food proves to be.

Today’s state fair is much more than a display of the latest farm equipment and pampered farm animals – though all that’s there, too. In fact, those are some of the exhibits you really ought to visit while you’re there. It’s an opportunity to learn something about the heritage of this state we now call home. It’s a chance to learn about the men and women whose hard, back-breaking work laid the foundation for the Tar Heel state we know today.

And it’s a great way to meet children who have worked for the past year to prepare their calf, pig or horse for the biggest show of the year.

You’ll be impressed by the composure these young competitors show in the ring. And, if you visit the rest of the Jim Graham Building, where the animals are housed between shows, you’ll see these same children and their parents taking care of their animals. It is strangely comforting to see those young people taking on adult responsibilities with a seriousness that would rival any adult.

Thanks to Superior Court Judge Donald Stephen’s ruling last week, you can attend the fair safe in the knowledge that people won’t be toting guns in their pockets or anywhere else.

So hit the fairgrounds sometime in the next week. Enjoy a little heritage lesson. Play a few games of chance. Ride a big hairy ride. Enjoy yourself and put the worries of your work-a-day life on the back burner for a day. You’ll be glad you took the time.