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Editorial: Why we thank our veterans

Veterans Day is Tuesday. For some it’s a day off from work just ahead of the more widely observed Thanksgiving holiday.

So why do we even celebrate Veterans Day? The truth is, most of don’t. But we should.

With this year’s election results still fresh on our minds, we need no greater reminder for why we should celebrate veterans.

Those are the folks who secured our right to vote for or against the candidate of our choice and to be able to do it in a way fairly free of corruption and malfeasance.

Sure, that happened originally more than 200 years ago, but time after time since then, other veterans have risen to meet the challenges that would curb that freedom of some other. Veterans have fought in wars, served in peacetime, trained for scenarios unimaginable to most of us and worked keep the peace around the world, reducing the likelihood that more Americans would die in defense of our national values.

Veterans have endured the ignominy of serving in unpopular wars and getting less in return than we have promised them in the form of health care. But they continue to be prepared to do our national dirty work.

Veterans’ sweat, blood and tears went into guaranteeing each of us the rights, freedoms and quality of life we have today. To be sure the government they answer to has its shortcomings. But we don’t have to agree with the direction of our government to appreciate the effort of our veterans.

Seen in that light, it seems a relatively small thing to spend part of our day in sincere appreciation of the service our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines have provided over the last two centuries plus.