Garner: Opinion

Editorial: Counseling patience

Johnston County commissioners took a reasonable approach to a request to add an additional ambulance service to the mix, but we suspect free market pressures will win out.

At issue for commissioners is the question of whether to add a third ambulance service – North State – to serve residents just a month after admitting a second company – Rex – to begin providing services in the county. Rex was added and North State is being considered in the wake of concerns about the service provided by the county’s longtime provider, Johnston Ambulance Service.

What we believe is that commissioners will find that a competitive open market always provides better service in the long run because each competitor ups his game to win more business than the other companies in the race.

Those companies that fall behind in service arena don’t find themselves in business for long and Johnston residents are left with the companies that do the job the best in the first place.

The recent addition of Rex gave commissioners reason to pause before they add another company to the mix. That’ a reasonable step, we believe, because many had hoped that move would serve the purpose of improving service. It takes some time to tell if that’s the case.

If it’s not, Johnston County commissioners would be wise to open the doors to additional competitors.

While we realize it was the North State representative’s job to advance her company’s position, it is hard to argue that the ultimate goal here is to provide the very best service possible to residents who need the help.