Garner: Opinion

Editorial: A winner no matter the title

It’s far too early to tell if 2015’s Miss Garner, Rachel Chavez, will win the title of Miss North Carolina.

But one thing’s perfectly clear. She’s made a winner of herself.

In a surprisingly candid interview Chaves talked about her goals and the life experiences that helped shape them.

The daughter of a father who drank too much and used drugs, she found a way to move past that lifestyle thanks to other family members and an inner drive that made her want more for herself.

Chavez as finished college and is now working in a professional setting. She has developed the poise it takes to overcome those obstacles and that poise has served her well on the pageant circuit.

Her life goals include a commitment never to quit. And, let’s face it. That can be hard to do. In the face of discouragement after discouragement it’s all too easy to throw in the towel and look for an easier way out.

Chavez hasn’t done that and her commitment has paid off. It can pay off for others who display a similar intensity to reach one’s goals.

Whether it’s making a good grade on a math test, earning a promotion at work or, in these days, even landing that job, great things are attainable for those willing to do what it takes to accomplish those things.

Nothing in life will ever be easy. We hope you won’t have to face the kinds of challenges Chavez has faced, but we can promise you there will be challenges to overcome.

We will follow Chavez route through the Miss North Carolina pageant and we hope to report good things in a few months time. But regardless of how the competition ends, it seems she has her goals and she’ll reach them sooner or later.

You can too.