Garner: Opinion

Editorial: Working together really works

As we’ve said previously in this space, there is a huge upside in looking for ways to give back, especially at this time of year.

The Garner Police Department, along with a number of corporate supporters have done just that with their annual Shop with a Cop program. The holiday just past was a better one for nearly 30 families because police officers – those “mean” people who give us traffic tickets – are also those kind people who want to make someone’s life just a little bit easier.

The Shop with a Cop program has been underway in Garner now for more than a decade and it is evidence of the kind of good our community can do when we work collectively with a singleness of purpose.

That program is just one way groups of people from different backgrounds and with different motivations can make Garner and Cleveland better places.

We hope that you found a way to do something good for someone else this year, beyond your traditional Christmas shopping list.

The success of the Shop with a Cop program is also emblematic of the way other groups can work together with a single purpose. The town of Garner, for instance, would dearly love to have its concerns over student assignment and school construction heard. As the new year approaches this is perhaps a perfect time for both groups to get together to build some common goals and worth together to reach them. Just as the police department and their sponsors worked together to make Christmas better for those families so, too, can the town council and the school board.

The Wake County Board of Commissioners, largely inactive during this holiday season, will reconvene next month and begin in earnest the business of governing. Newly-elected commissioners have made a commitment to hear the concerns of people from all the muncipalities in Wake County, and not just Raleigh and Cary.

While it is impractical to think that those two cities will get any less than their fair show, there is hope that the new county commissioners will stick to their promises and become familiar faces.

Working together works.

Just ask the 28 families that benefitted from the partnerships that made Shop with a Cop possible.