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Letter: Garner Public Works excels in bad weather

Garner Volunteer Fire-Rescue would like to take an opportunity to thank a special, dedicated group of behind-the-scenes, hard-working people who rarely receive the recognition they so richly deserve.

Our region has been bombarded recently with multiple snow and ice events which have disrupted the daily lives of Garner area citizens. When inhospitable inclement winter weather occurs there is a group of men and women who do their best to prepare our communities for what the weather event may bring.

The Garner Public Works Department tirelessly preps our roadways before the weather arrives to try to create more safe driving conditions for citizens.

Once snow and ice forms, they work nonstop to clear our roadways. And once the storm has passed, they continue to help us recover by retracing their steps and putting down sand and salt on isolated but treacherous slick spots.

Police, Fire and EMS personnel rely heavily on Garner Public Works’ dedicated personnel to help maintain safety to our town and its emergency responders. We maintain a seamless working relationship that few rarely see.

As Fire Chief, I can honestly say that the Fire Department would not be able to perform its job functions during these trying times if it was not for our Town of Garner Public Works staff. A tip of the fire helmet to Public Works Director Paul Cox and his dedicated staff. Thank you for what you do for not just emergency responders, but for all citizens who use Garner streets and roads.

Matthew R. Poole


Editor’s note: The writer is the Chief of Garner Volunteer Fire-Rescue.