Garner: Opinion

Editorial: Well attended, Expo was worth effort

If you missed it, there’s always next year. But the Garner Consumer and Business Expo is worth the time of anyone involved.

Whether you’re a visitor or a business leader touting your goods and services, a business expo like the one held in Garner earlier this month is good business.

For those who go as visitors, it’s a good chance to see who does business in your community. To be honest, not every business opens it door onto U.S. 70 or in White Oak Shopping Center. Businesses are tucked away in every little nook and cranny of town, and we don’t often hop in our cars and travel all over town to see what new businesses have opened recently.

And while we may know where the businesses are that meet our basic needs, like a grocery store, there are plenty of other businesses right here in Garner that can provide us goods and services that make our lives easier and increase the quality of our lives. Learning about their existence is easier at a business expo than at any other place.

For businesspeople, the expo not only gave them an opportunity to tout their own business, but to get a better look at what else is out there. Anyone who works a full time job knows how difficult it can be to get out during the day to take care of personal business and to learn just what opportunities are just around the corner or across town. The expo gives business leaders time to visit with each other, discuss common interests and escape the workaday world.

This year’s expo is in the history books. Never fear, though. Chamber leaders are sure to capitalize on the success of this year’s event to host another next spring.

Don’t miss that opportunity to explore your community, all conveniently gathered in one place for your viewing pleasure.