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Reader writes: Children of military deserve our thanks, support

Say ‘thanks’ to a military child

Since April is the Month of the Military Child; the American Legion Auxiliary sends a “5-star” salute to all the military-connected children in our community: “Thank you for your service. We think you are pretty special too.”

In so many ways, military-connected children serve alongside their military parents. Their sacrifices and unique challenges are visible in the frequent moves they endure, parental deployments they sustain and painful separations they suffer during holidays, birthdays and vacations.

Much is asked of our military-connected kids. Much should be given back to them. We all need to take every opportunity we can to acknowledge their sacrifice with an outreach of friendship. Some of us can play pivotal roles as teachers, mentors and role models. The least of us can give a simple smile of recognition and a “thank you,” such a small gesture, but one that goes a powerful, long way.

Celebrate the military child’s contribution of service to our nation this very special month. They are right here in our very own neighborhoods.

Wanda Moore

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 109