Garner: Opinion

Editorial: Great news on the fire front

We suspect there will soon be a lot of insurance shopping going on in the Cleveland community.

Thanks to the work of the Cleveland Fire Department, insurance inspectors have upgraded the community’s fire rating.

That improved rating reflects the improved effort the fire department has made to respond to fire calls in a timely manner.

The rating is important because insurance companies provide property owners with lower rates on their insurance. That’s sure to make property owners all over the area look closely at future insurance bills and wonder to themselves if they are getting the lowest rate possible.

But perhaps more important than the insurance savings, is the comfort Cleveland residents should feel knowing their their fire department is better prepared to serve them when the need arises.

The ability to reduce call times and limit damage to property is a function of several things. The second Cleveland fire station puts help closer to more people, the simplest way to reduce response times to a call. The fire department is also staffed nearly around the clock now. In times past, the area relied on a volunteer force of firefighters who often had to drive from their home or place of business to the fire station before heading out to respond to a fire call. Paid staff ensures that someone is at the fire station to deliver the firefighting equipment to the scene as soon as the call comes in.

Training and technology have helped too. Years ago many volunteer firefighters began leaving the service because the demands for training were so high that it was difficult to meet those standards and still maintain work and family obligations. But that training has proven valuable. Firefighters are simply better at putting out fires than they’ve ever been. And the equipment they use is better than it’s ever been. Any job is easier when the equipment is as good as it can be.

So be sure, when you’re checking that next property insurance bill, to thank the local firefighters for lowering your bill... and for being good at what they do.