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Editorial: Weigh in on transportation needs

Government business all too often falls off our radar before it ever really has a chance to catch our attention. That’s especially true when a government agency is trying to make plans for the future. Whatever impacts those plans have on us don’t seem to matter if the changes are five, 10, 20 years down the road.

But it’s important that we participate in the planmaking process when we have a chance.

Next Thursday at the Clayton Center in Clayton, we have the chance to be part of the discussion on the roadway needs of this region.

We shouldn’t miss the opportunity to make our needs known.

On that day, from 4-7 p.m., planners from a pair of regional transportation and planning groups will be present to present some of their recommendations for addressing the road needs of areas south and east of Raleigh. That includes all the area where you live.

If you think there’s too much traffic around White Oak, or you have grown weary of the rush hour traffic jams on Interstate 40 trying to get to work in Raleigh or RTP, then chances are you have a thought or two about the problem and, perhaps some solutions.

And, if you can, come to the meeting with some ideas for solutions. That kind of commentary would be most appreciated by the people who are trying to develop these plans.

The folks running these meetings are truly interested in developing a plan that meets the public’s needs and enjoys their support.

You have the chance to offer your thoughts and now is the best time to do it, rather than waiting until the plan is almost written in stone. So take advantage of the chance you’re being given.