Garner: Opinion

Editorial: There is great value in community arts

Garner is, indeed, fortunate to have a robust arts community in its midst. From Broadway performers to community theater to public school teachers who are passionate advocates of the arts, Garner has a lot to offer its residents and, frankly, for anyone who’s willing to make the short drive to Garner from neighboring communities.

Arts add to the quality of life in any community. Whether it’s going to a movie theater to watch actors on the silver screen or supporting a local elementary school student’s efforts to become more civically aware, every contact we have with the arts improves our lives.

Towns like Garner sell quality of life when they are working with business magnates to encourage them to do business in Garner. Arts add immeasurably to the quality of life.

When companies decide they want to operate from Garner they are thinking, in part, about the people they will employ. Will their children be going to good schools? Yes. Will those employees have access to things to do and places to eat after work? Yes and yes.

It’s all part of a circle that economic developers depend on when they are selling their product. Garner, as a product for sale, is a good buy. Home prices are reasonable. Access to major highways is good and getting better. There are plenty of opportunities for people in Garner to stay in Garner to be entertained.

When one considers the depth and breadth of Garner’s cultural offerings it is equally impressive to note that there is a burgeoning private sector involvement in the arts. Alongside what the town officers the Chamber of Commerce brings high-quality entertainment to Garner in the form of the Broadway Voices series. The Garner Towne Players offer evidence that Garner residents are not only attending cultural events, but creating them.

Garner has no time to rest on its laurels, but there is no doubt that the quality of life for people who call Garner home has been raised considerably by the powerful presence of an active arts community.