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Editorial: St. Baldrick’s puts the fun in fund raising

Fund raising is hard work. Most of aren’t natural sales people and we abhor having to ask people for money.

But we all do it, whether its helping our children sell band candy or Girl Scout cookies, pushing raffle tickets for this booster club or that one.

And the community can always use the funds that come from dedicated volunteers who leave their home in search of some person to support their cause with their hard-earned money.

The challenge of fund raising comes in trying to make the fundraising fun. Sure, we can all go door to door selling coupon booklets or magazines. But that’s not fun.

Watching 30 people voluntarily agree to get their hair cut – often down to the scalp – is fun. At least it’s fun for the people who get to watch. And those people are the ones fundraisers like to target.

Last week when people lined up for the chance to have their heads shaved, there were easily three times that number watching the clippers fly. And, when they were asked to give still more, the people in that crowd put their money where there mouths were.

It helps, honestly, that St. Baldrick’s Foundation raises money to battle what is clearly an insidious disease: childhood cancer.

We all recoil when we hear of a person in our community is battling cancer. But there’s something even more ugly about the idea that cancer would strike a child.

The folks at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation have combined their worthy cause with a fun, entertaining way of raising money and it’s sure to be a winning formula for a long time.