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Editorial: Good thinking on school security

We applaud Johnston County Schools Superintendent Ross Renfrow for his proactive approach to school safety.

Renfrow wants the school system to hire a security director. It’s not an unprecedented move. As Renfrow pointed out, many other school systems have just such a position.

A security director responsible for improving safety at all of Johnston’s schools would have a big task in front of them. Renfrow said any new school security director needs to know there is no budget to implement a lot of security measures.

To be sure, if security hasn’t already been a focus at schools, there will be plenty of no-cost actions a school can take to ensure the safety of students and employees.

Locking doors, making sure teachers and other adults on campus are attentive to visitors are two easy steps tha won’t cost money.

We do hope, however, that, as Ross listens to his new security chief, he finds a way to part with some money at some point if that’s what his security professional says is necessary.

As Renfrow has already pointed out, no amount of assessment, planning and implementation will prevent a truly motivated person from coming on to a school campus and wreaking havoc. Forts aren’t conducive to learning, but finding a common middle ground will likely cost some money.

But for now, this is a sound first step.