Garner: Opinion

Editorial: The benefit of being flexible

Garner folks were clear in voicing their opinions to Wake County school board members when they learned that the renovations planned for Garner High School were considerably less intensive than was expected.

And, to their credit, the Wake County school board listened. School system administrators took a second look at the needs of Wake County’s largest high school and realized, indeed, there needed to be more work put into the school than they thought.

Rethinking their plan of work means it will be two years, instead of one, before Garner is a two-high school town. That’s disappointing, but it’s small potatoes compared to watching as the school system completed only half the job at the town’s first high school.

Collectively, we shake our heads sometimes when government doesn’t listen to those it represents. The Wake County school board has been guilty of that at times itself. A few years ago that standoff-ishness cost several school board members their seats and ushered in an short window of leadership by what, until then, had been the minority party on the school board.

But listening to voters is not a partisan exercise. Republicans and Democrats alike should do it. And, if they find the electorate is right, as they did in this case, they should admit it, make changes and move on.

Fortunately for those Garner residents and elected leaders who pointed out the flaws in the school system’s original plan, they were speaking to receptive ears and their concerns were borne out on further review.

In a case like this, everybody wins.