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Editorial: Keep Spence’s name

The Great Cleveland Athletic Association is mulling over what to do about a sign that’s gone missing, designating one of the organization’s fields as the The Brandon Spence Baseball Field.

Spence was a GCAA athlete at the time of his death in 2009 in a dirt bike crash.

The GCAA leadership at the time designated one of the playing fields in his honor and erected a sign under the scoreboard to mark the honor.

Somehow, no one seems exactly sure how, the sign has gone missing. Some wondered if the GCAA was ending the honor. Others said they thought perhaps a storm had simply knocked it down. Now GCAA leaders are considering their options and will decide at their next meeting, slated for Monday, Aug. 17.

The absence of a sign doesn’t necessarily mean the field could no longer be referred to as The Brandon Spence Baseball Field. But it does make it harder for that designation to live on in the memories of new players and families who spend their summer nights taking part in America’s great pasttime.

And if the field shall always be referred to by that name, it makes sense that some marking be established to formalize the recognition.

The lack of an explanation from board members about the missing sign has done nothing to help a distraught mother and it has galvanized some in the community to make sure the honor doesn’t just disappear.

The GCAA board, none of whom, apparently, were on the board when the designation was made, should honor the decision of their predecessors and spend the money to erect a formal sign somewhere visible on the property to ensure that those who play there next year, or the year after, or 20 years from now, know that one former player had an special impact on those who came before them.

It seems to us like the only logical decision the GCAA board could reach.