Garner: Opinion

Editorial: Our community spirit fills the holidays

Thanksgiving is in the rear-view mirror now, but we couldn’t help but notice the efforts being made to ensure that Thanksgiving was a good one for everyone.

The Community of Hope organization, along with Butterball Turkeys, gave away dozens of frozen birds to those who needed one. And Angie Mikus opened the door of her restaurant on Thanksgiving Day to feed people who either needed the help or simply had no one else to share the holiday with.

Those are but two Thanksgiving-themed instances in which people or groups have stepped up to meet a need in our community. It happens year-round, of course, but the giving is amplified at this time of year. What we hope will come out of those instances of largesse is a desire on the part of many other Garner-ites to get into that spirit of giving. For better or worse, we’re all neighbors and we’re all in this life together.