Garner: Opinion

Editorial: A simple decision, if ever there was

Contrary to popular belief, every decision a town council faces is not a clearcut choice between black and white. Shades of gray enter in nearly every decision a town council makes because most options a council might face could benefit one group and be detrimental to another group.

But Garner’s town council does face at least one decision that is as close to open and shut as they come.

Council members have the responsibility of hiring a new town manager. It’s often said that no decision a governing body makes is as important as who they put in charge of the day-to-day operations.

In Garner’s case, council members have a proverbial ace up their sleeve in the person of assistant town manager – currently interim town manager – Rodney Dickerson.

He has served as the town’s top hired hand on several occasions in the past and enjoys solid relationships with the people he manages and all those he would manage in the role of manager. He has a strong grasp on the dynamics of the current council and where they’d like to see the town go in both the long- and short-term.

Several council members have said they think Dickerson would be a strong candidate. Dickerson has said he is interested in the job. For the sake of the staff and the rest of the townspeople of Garner, it makes perfect sense to take the interim nature out of Dickerson’s title and make him the permanent choice to move into the town’s leadership role.