Garner: Opinion

Editorial: Another baby step toward NC 540

If it seems like the process for getting NC 540 built around Garner is progressing at a snail’s pace, you would not be wrong. But progress is being made, little by little.

Last week’s news that the Orange Route is now the preferred route among all government agencies with a say-so in the matter means the regulatory path is likely clear for the project. In the not-too-distant future, we could be treated to the sound of bulldozers and graders moving earth as they prepare to lay strips of asphalt through the center of a 1,000-foot wide swath of land – on a path that doesn’t bulldoze subdivisions and an industrial park.

The change in designation may seem like a minor little issue – after all the Orange Route has been the preferred route for most Garnerites for a long time now – but it does carry some consequence. Remember that the delays we are now digging out of came about, in part, because some of those other government agencies were not impressed with the research NC DOT had done to begin with. They wanted more detailed information and more study of other opportunities.

Over the next few years, NC DOT did just that and, now, has presented a plan that is satisfactory to nearly everyone.

We call that progress.