Garner: Opinion

Editorial: Leaving it all out on the track

Johnston County came as close this weekend as it ever has to sending an athlete to the Olympic Games. Neither Keni Harrison or Johnny Dutch made the Olympic squad, despite being favorites in their events.

Life is cruel that way, sometimes.

But the fact that they did not make the final cut in no way diminishes the level of commitment these two athletes have shown to perfecting their skills. Competition is always fierce and nowhere is it more challenging than in an event that only comes around once every four years.

Time will tell if either athlete gets another shot at Olympic glory. In our hearts, we all hope they will try again. But sometimes, what we want in our hearts, our bodies can’t produce.

Though the results weren’t what anyone around these parts wanted, we can all be proud of the effort they gave.

And, if it is any consolation to them, Harrison and Dutch can know that everyone around Clayton, Cleveland and Garner was really rooting for them and remains proud of them.