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Campaign targets archery safety

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s Home From The Hunt safety campaign recommends some guidelines when hunting with archery equipment, including crossbows.

“The safety considerations for using a crossbow, longbow or compound bow are similar to other hunting methods,” said Travis Casper, state hunting education coordinator. “Hunting safety is exercising caution, obeying regulations and putting into practice what you’ve learned in hunter education.

“As with any method of hunting, always point your crossbow, longbow, compound bow in a safe direction,” he said. “Only release an arrow after positively identifying your target and what’s beyond it. Never use a scope to identify a target; use binoculars instead.”

The Home From The Hunt campaign advises:

• Never carry a bow with a notched arrow.

• Never “dry-fire” a bow (releasing without an arrow can cause sudden breakage).

• Load a crossbow only when in a fixed hunting position.

• Keep fingers and thumb below the rail of a crossbow at all times.

• Use a flashlight when changing locations during low-light conditions.

For more information on hunting seasons, Hunting Heritage Apprentice Permits and the Hunter Education Program, visit

Cervid rules revised: Temporary rules to meet the state General Assembly’s requirement are approved, but white-tailed deer and elk aren’t included.

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission on Oct. 30 approved temporary rules that will allow the commission to issue permits and licenses for facilities for farmed cervids instead of captive cervids.

Under the rules, farmed cervids would be members of the deer family that are not whitetails or elk; examples would be axis, fallow and red deer, all species from Europe and Asia.

Whitetails and elk had been listed, but a speaker at a public hearing in Raleigh pointed out the proposal might go against the law prohibiting the sale of the native cervids. The state is reexamining that potential conflict.

The temporary rule goes into effect Dec. 1. For information, go to

Correspondent Teri Boggess contributed to this report.