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Raid yields 14 arrests at downtown Raleigh nightclub

Authorities charged 14 people early Wednesday morning with drug violations and illegal alcohol sales at a downtown Raleigh nightclub.

Raleigh police and agents with the alcohol law enforcement branch of the State Bureau of Investigation raided Club Rumors at 416 W. South St. An earlier investigation indicated illegal activity was occurring inside the club, along with violence “in and around the business,” the state Department of Public Safety announced Wednesday.

The club is located on the same block where early one morning in late August one man was killed and another wounded in an apparent exchange of gunfire. Three cars sped away, and when police arrived they found Ramon Antonio Shaw, 23, mortally wounded. Shaw later died at WakeMed.

Among those arrested during the raid Wednesday was the club’s owner and manager, Earl Dion Hicks, 41, who was levied with several charges, including unauthorized possession of spirituous liquor; allowing controlled substance violations to occur on ABC-licensed premises; and allowing alcoholic beverage violations to occur on licensed premises by allowing sales between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m.

ALE agents also charged Hicks with possession of spirituous liquor not bearing a tax stamp and misdemeanor maintaining a business for the possession of controlled substances after discovering 34.7 grams of marijuana and 2.8 grams of cocaine on the premises.

Additional arrests are expected, state officials said.