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Young stars in indie movie being filmed in Raleigh

Two young Hollywood actors, Tye Sheridan and Kaitlyn Dever, star in an independent film being shot in a home off Hillsborough Street.

The movie “Grass Stains,” written and directed by Kyle Wilamowski, is a small operation but packed with big talent.

Sheridan and Dever, both 16, star in the coming-of-age drama about first love developed over the course of the summer and the guilt of a teenager whose prank causes the death of his girlfriend’s older brother.

Sheridan made his debut with Brad Pitt in Terrence Malicks’ “The Tree of Life” in 2011 and worked opposite Matthew McConaughey in this year’s indie hit “Mud.”

Dever stars as the youngest daughter on the ABC show “Last Man Standing” and has appeared with Cameron Diaz in the comedy “Bad Teacher” and Clint Eastwood’s “J. Edgar,” among other television and movie roles.

Shooting for the film began about three weeks ago, said producer Matthew Perniciaro, who grew up in Raleigh. Perniciaro, whose films include “Fanboys” and “The Cold Light of Day,” expects filming in Raleigh to last another week.

“We started location scouting about two months ago and looking at things,” he said. “When we got started working on the project, we thought Raleigh would be a great place to shoot the film because it does take place in a suburban kind of city.”

The home’s owners are selling the property, so the film crew knew the house would be empty and available.

A crew of approximately 25 is working on “Grass Stains,” and the aim is to have the film finished by the end of the year. The film does not have a distributor yet, Perniciaro said.

“We will look to submit it to festivals first; it is that kind of movie, a small drama,” he said. “We have had a lot of success in the festival circuit, so that is where we will start.”