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15 applicants so far for Raleigh city manager

Fifteen people have applied so far to become Raleigh’s next city manager, and the city council expects to select and interview finalists next month.

Council members got an update on the search Monday from Stephen Jones, the city’s human resources director. Jones said all the advertisements and job postings are now out. “The recruiting is in full gear,” he said.

The posting has been sent to professional organizations, and colleges with public administration programs have been asked to notify their alumni. Search firm Springsted has also identified 85 potential candidates across the country and sent letters encouraging them to apply.

Headhunter John Anzivino has been pleased with the response so far, Jones said. “He said all of the submitted applications he saw looked like viable candidates,” Jones said.

Raleigh is one of four Triangle governments seeking a new manager: leaders in Wake, Orange and Durham counties are also on their way out. Jones says that means lots of candidates will be considering a move to the Triangle, but they’ll also be looking at a high number of openings throughout the country.

“The competition is out there,” Jones said.

But Anzivino has assured Jones that one concern won’t hurt the search process: media reports detailing concerns that the council might be micromanaging department heads and taking a hands-on role in daily operations. Some suggested that potential applicants might read about the actions and say no to the job.

“There aren’t any issues” with press, Jones said.

Springsted will now start vetting the applicants, running references and conducting background checks. The search firm will pick the top 10 or 12 applicants and send the details to the City Council in early September.

The council then meets to select finalists and bring them to Raleigh for interviews. That part of the process will happen behind closed doors, though the council could choose to make the names public.

Council members have already been charged with submitting possible interview questions. “We’re going to have to figure out what competencies we’re going to probe in these interviews,” Jones said.

The council hopes to have the new manager hired by the October elections.